7 Methods to get more Business Opportunity Leads

David Botha      Friday, April 27, 2018

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In this article, I provide 7 methods to get more business opportunity leads and increase visibility through strategic content marketing that won’t cost you much.  Marketers have to be more creative and clinical than ever before to get more leads in 2018.

You must ensure that your sales department are receiving a flow of leads through your marketing activity by generating thought leadership and engaging content

After reading this article, business owners and marketers will find it easier to devise a marketing plan that will incorporate effective methods of increasing leads for your business.


1. Sales teams need content to share with Business Leads

Plenty marketing teams focus on developing new content to take advantage of the business opportunity leads that are in the pipeline

While creating and distributing new content is important, you must also ensure that your sales guys will use the information and material supplied by the marketing team

in a report from the American Marketing Association, about 90% of marketing content and deliverables are not used by sales.

Your sales team needs to see the value in the content for them to share with prospects and take advantage of the business opportunities  Sales teams can take it on themselves to create something which can be bad for the brand and increase the length of the sales cycle.

Create a system to equip your sales force with the materials that they need to close deals, so they spend less time searching for or creating content. For example, make sure that your cheat sheets, case studies, brochures, videos and white papers are updated, relevant and according to your brand guidelines.

When you equip your reps with great content for lead generation, you allow them more time to sell

2. Repurpose content to increase your Business opportunity leads

So, you have been asked to send more information and reach out to your audience through all your social and web channels?

Why not repurpose content that you have already created or create one e-book

The best way to repurpose your content is to create one major piece, such as an e-book or guide. This piece will be your main vault for information that you can slice and dice for publishing

While creating a major piece of content takes a bit of planning up front, you probably already have something that you can reuse and repurpose.

Once you have this content, you can easily repurpose it into other formats for your other channels – saving time in the long run.

Your e-book can be created around one Content Pillar Approach (This can be around your main keyword that you would like to rank for)  Steps to take:

  • Go with a content theme to use over a three-six month period
  • List the types of content you would like to publish.  Can be in the form of a blog post, emailer, infographic, social posts, whitepaper, video, webinar, customer testimonials
  • Identify channels for distribution.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, your blog and landing pages.  Starting with a large piece of content and breaking it down makes it easy for you to fill your editorial calendar and reach customers across a variety of channels.
  • List the call to action for each piece of content.  What would you like your prospect to do next?  Download your free ebook, watch a video etc

3. Nurture your leads through marketing automation

7% of B2B companies are optimizing business opportunities for leads using marketing automation strategies and software.

Buying cycles can often last more than a year, investing in a good marketing automation software can help you engage with them at every touch point through their buying journey

Here are 3 ways marketing teams can benefit from automation:

Allow customers to decide.

Since prospects aren’t speaking with your sales team, you must give them the content that they need to make a smart purchasing decision on their own.  Your content is your silent sales person

Increase qualified business opportunity leads.

Successful automation campaigns guide prospects through a personalized buying process. When you effectively nurture prospects, you can increase your qualified leads by 395%.

The best tool to automate your email campaigns and provide a series of emails that are personalized for your target audience

Personalize your content for each segment.

B2B companies have an average of four different audiences. Marketing automation allows you to segment these audiences and give them content that is relevant at each stage of the buying cycle.

Marketing automation works hand in hand with marketing personalization.  You can automate specific content with each segmented list that you have grown through your lead generation campaigns.  Drip sequences are an effective technique to send your prospects content through their behaviour and engagement with your campaign

4. Content that converts prospects into customers.

You can either create a demand for a product to provide a solution to a customers problem, or you can satisfy a need for something they are looking for.The B2B buying journey is not always straightforward. Some buyers may stumble upon a product or service before they even know that they want it, while others may begin their search knowing exactly what they want.

The buying journey is not always straightforward. Some buyers may accidentally come across a service or product before they even know that they want it, while others may begin their search knowing exactly what they want.

important advice for you

To get more value from your marketing budget, invest in evergreen pieces of content that will remain relevant for a long time and appeal to buyers across each phase of your buying cycle. That way, you won’t constantly need to update your content.

You’ll also have something for all prospects – whether they are early-stage business opportunity leads who are researching their problem or late-stage leads who are ready to buy.

We found a demand generation report – 61% of B2B buyers select vendors who deliver a variety of content that is appropriate for each stage of their buying process.

You may need to invest more time in developing more content to convert business opportunities into leads

If you have holes and gaps you need to plug, you may need a bigger initial investment to develop content for every stage of your sales cycle. However, this investment will help you attract leads and nurture them until they become customers.  It’s definitely worth the time and effort

5. Upsell, cross-sell, and referrals.

Post-sales marketing is one of the most underused customer engagement strategies.

Many marketers believe that once they sell their product or service, their job is done. But in reality, it’s just beginning.

By investing in post-sales marketing, companies can create long-lasting relationships with customers, drive referrals, and increase sales. We know that it’s a lot easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to find a new one.

6. Personalize your content for each Business opportunity

You need to capture your audience in the first 3 seconds when they land on your article or content.  Your headline needs to be the main selling point of your piece of content, this could be the result of your success or failure. The golden rule is to spend 80% of your time creating your headline and the other 20% on the body of your article.

People read 5 bits of content before they make a decision to purchase, make sure the content that you are delivering converts your prospective buyer

But it’s challenging to know what types of content to use and when

Case studies are the most successful conversion piece of content in B2B marketing.  Make sure that you include this type of content in every campaign.  You will gain more credibility for your brand by showing your target audience success stories and how you can achieve the same result for them

Effective content options:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Case studies
  • Customer testimonials
  •  Events
  • White papers
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Online articles
  • Infographic
  • Podcasts

Some of the above content can be used for your gated campaign to generate more leads.  Giveaway valuable content in return for a name and an email address.  This strategy works incredibly well as you can send them information until you close the deal.  Blogging is also one of the most important elements in your content strategy.  Read my article how to start a blog here

7. Tell a story – Be human

Stories are an ideal way for brands to engage with customers.

Investing in storytelling lets you connect with customers on an emotional level. When you use stories to share your values and benefits, you can create a tighter bond with customers that translates into business.

Here are 3 things to consider when you add stories to your marketing mix:

  • Use a combination of text and images to paint the picture. Use effective imagery to illustrate the emotion.
  • Concentrate on stories about your customers’ key pains and opportunities – Do not focus on your services and products.
  • Highlight some of your weaknesses to make your brand more realistic and human. You don’t have to hide your product’s weak points, put them out in the open. your customers will appreciate your honesty and end up trusting you more.

Look for pro writers who can add storytelling to your content that will make your marketing more compelling and effective.  There are many services available at very cost effective rates.  Fiverr is one portal you can use to find quality writers at affordable rates.  Pricing start at $5 for a 500-word article


New business opportunity leads are essential for any business.  If you adopt the methods in this article, you will see an incredible surge of qualified leads filtering through to your sales team.




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